Ryan Seddon – Remote debugging landscape

Web Directions South 2011, Sydney, October 13th.

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More and more as front-end developers we are presented with new challenges, with the explosion of the mobile web it has created a whole new territory. How do we test the vast array of devices out there? And what tools can help us make this a painless experience?

Testing web apps on mobile devices is a new challenge not yet fully explored. Let’s brush over the beginnings of web application testing and debugging and dive into current solutions for remote debugging. In this session we’ll cover what developers and browser vendors are doing to help tackle this problem, including some of the tools available to use today, and how some of these tools work internally and what the future may hold.

About Ryan Seddon

Photo of Ryan SeddonRyan Seddon is a Senior Front-end Developer from Melbourne Australia who has an unnatural obsession with JavaScript and the many places it runs. He also loves to tinker with any new web technology he can get his hands on and loves diving into specs and code to figure out more.

In his spare time he’s either playing basketball, writing for his blog thecssninja.com or committing code to github.

Follow Ryan on Twitter: @ryanseddon

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