Tom Hughes-Croucher – Up and Running with Node.js

Web Directions South 2011, Sydney, October 14th.

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Session description

Learn how to build high performance Internet and web applications with Node.js. In is session Tom Hughes-Croucher will demonstrate how to quickly build a high performance chat server using Node.js. This live coding exercise will provide a real insight into what it looks like to build a project in server-side Javascript. We will also cover how to deploy Node applications in production and look at just how far Node can really scale… A million connections and beyond?

About Tom Hughes-Croucher

Photo of Tom Hughes-CroucherTom Hughes-Croucher is the Chief Evangelist at Joyent, sponsors of the Node.js project. Tom mostly spends his days helping companies build really exciting projects with Node and seeing just how far it will scale. Tom is also the author of the O’Reilly book “Up and running with Node.js”. Tom has worked for many well known organizations including Yahoo, NASA and Tesco.

Follow Tom on Twitter: @sh1mmer

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