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Announcing the Code ’18 program

Programs for conferences take a long time to come together. Sometimes we’ve been working with someone to have them come to speak for years, waiting for the stars tho align. Other times a quick email and reply and we’ve lined up a speaker in a matter of hours, or even (very rarely) minutes! Then there’s […]

Can you name these Code ’18 keynote speakers?

The Code ’18 Call for Presentations has been closed, and the speakers for Code ’18 have been chosen. It’s going to be an amazing lineup. After selling out very early last year, our pre-release tickets to past attendees are closed, with over half the tickets for the conference gone and Gold tickets sold out. We’ll […]

Design ’18: The Wrap

For a first time event, the engagement, the energy, dare I say it “the vibe” were amazing, the quality of the presentations, from experienced international speakers, through to first time local speakers was as good as it gets.

Design ’18 Spotlight Series: #3 Design at Scale

Over the last few weeks we’ve been putting the spotlight on various areas of focus at our Design conference in Melbourne (it’s on next week, but there are still places left, so if you work in Design, don’t miss this!) Design at Scale We’ve looked at the intersection of AI and Design, and inclusive design, […]

Design ’18 Spotlight series #1: Spotlight on AI

The machines are coming. Are they coming to make our lives better? Or to take our jobs? These are questions on everyone’s minds, and we’re addressing in detail at our Design ’18 Conference, in Melbourne April 11 and 12. Darla Sharpe is a Voice UI Designer at Google Voice and prior to this at Amazon’s […]

Announcing our new conference, Design Leaders

If you are a senior designer, leading and managing design in your organisation, or looking to move into these roles, you’ll know that they involve a range of capabilities you may not have necessarily honed as you developed your skills as a designer. Recognising this, we’ve created a brand new event, Design Leaders, modelled on […]

Allsopp’s Cables and Fables

Each week we publish a weekly newsletter. From time time I publish a longer article, which someone at some point on Twitter (I’ve sadly forgotten who) referred to as Allsopp’s Fables, which I liked so much I adopted. But most week’s I typically collect and connect some of the things I’ve been reading that week, […]

Announcing the program for Web Directions Design

Over the last decade or more here at Web Directions we’ve started our fair share of new events. But that mixture of excitement and apprehension (with my kids we call this being ‘anxited’) never fades. You put everything into creating the best possible lineup, and then hope others agree! So, today we’re anxited to be […]

Announcing the first speakers for Web Directions Design

We’re excited to be able to announce the first speakers we have lined up for our brand-new conference, Design, in Melbourne in April. We’d already sold over 10% of the tickets before announcing any of the speakers, with an intimate setting, don’t wait too long to register, and if you do so before February 23rd, […]

Web Directions Events in 2018

We started out with a single event, Web Directions, back in 2006. Over the intervening 12 years, we’ve branched out to different countries at times (and who knows maybe will again!) and added more focussed singe track events like Code in 2012 to our major event (now Web Directions Summit). We’ve experimented with taking events […]

Shape the Future or be Shaped by it

We tend to think of change as arriving suddenly, largely fully formed. The iPhone in 2007, Donald Trump in 2016. But, in reality, all change – whether social, cultural, political or technological – emerges over years or even decades, slowly at first, then gathering momentum, then seemingly inevitable.

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