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Code Leaders 2019 Program launch

Now in its third year, we’ve lined up some fantastic speakers, with a range of presentations to help you lead your team and organisation better at Code Leaders. As always, it’s a single day conference, taking place in Melbourne June 19th, and designed for senior engineers, engineering managers, lead developers, CTOs and other engineering leaders. […]

Design and Design Leaders ’19 are a wrap

Things go a bit quiet around here as we lead into and then host our conferences, which we did last week with both our Design Leaders and Design conferences, in Melbourne. The room had a great buzz from the very beginning, a combination perhaps of the always fantastic coffee at the Arts Centre (and all […]

Showcasing Australia’s Design tools

I’ve long felt Australia punches well above its weight when it comes to developer tools. From HotDog back in the early days of the Web, to Sublime (you didn’t know Sublime is developed in Australia? Well now you do), and even to be less than 100% humble Style Master, the CSS editor that I developed […]

Happy 30th World Wide Web

Today CERN is marking the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web. It’s not the 30th anniversary of the public announcement of the Web, or the first browser, or indeed anything public about the Web. Rather, it’s the 3oth anniversary of this   This proposal concerns the management of general information about accelerators and experiments […]

Dynamic Typography with Fluid Sizing and Variable Fonts–Jason Pamental at Design ’19

Typography has been one of the great challenges in digital design, particularly on the Web. The arrival of font embedding, and services like Typekit a few years ago extended the range of fonts available to designers significantly, but came with performance costs. And while designers developed ‘responsive’ techniques for layout, responsive typography, that adapts to […]

Being Human in the Age of AI– Katja Forbes at Design ’19

As we head toward our first major conference of the year, Design, in Melbourne April 11 and 12,  we’re focussing on some of the sessions, topic and themes there. AI and Machine Learn have been on our agenda for quite some time now–we’ve had conferences dedicated to the intersection of technology, design and business with […]

Video of the Week– Speaking with Machines: Conversation as an Interaction Model

The past few years have been filled with chatbot experiments—some brilliant, many not—but the future has yet to be experienced. As artificial intelligence capabilities advance, conversation will become the next major interaction model, not just a messenger experience. In this talk from Web Directions Summit 2018 Joe Toscano explained why conversation will play such a […]

Designing Against Domestic Violence–Eva PenzeyMoog at Design ’19

In the leadup to our Design ’19 conference, we’re focussing on some of the sessions we think will really have an impact. Eva PenzeyMoog is a Lead Designer at 8th Light, who works to ensure that digital products cannot be be used as tools of abuse, with the goal of reducing harm in the world […]

Creative Industry insurance for Australian (and NZ) agencies and freelancers

You may be scratching your head and wondering what this post is all about. Web Directions runs conferences right. So what’s all this about insurance? Read on for more of why we have worked with Intuitive Insurance, an Australian Insurance Broker which specialises in insurance for the creative and technology industries, to put together a […]

The web’s essence, or original sin?

One of the things we all noted as we worked on the original WorldWideWeb browser project at CERN recently was that the Web from its inception was designed to not only be a medium where you consumed information, but also one where you created it. The original Web browser was also an editor for Web […]

Crafting a Creative Culture–Jeff Veen at Design ’19

As we head toward our product design conference, Design ’19, we’re focussing on some of the sessions you’ll get the chance to see there. We’re really excited to have Jeff Veen back in Australia to speak for a very long time. Jeff is a genuine legend of the design world, going back to his days […]

Video of the Week: Design Systems are for People–Jina Anne

In honour of our just released program for Design ’19, with a strong focus on Design Systems, this week we’re featuring Design ’19 speaker Jina Anne’s Web Directions Summit 2017 presentation,  Design Systems are for People. Design systems have been around for ages; you can see a little bit into the history of them as […]

Our Design ’19 product design conference program is here

Web Directions has always had a strong focus on design; and yet it was only with the launch of our product design conference, Design last year, that we had a dedicated, stand alone event for all things digital product and service design. The response to last year’s Design  was overwhelmingly positive,  we’ve worked even harder on […]

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