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Designing Safety at Design ’19

last week we focussed on one of they themes for Design ’19, our product design conference, scaling design–design systems and designops. This week as we reveal our Design ’19 program, we’ll focus on another key theme–privacy and safety, and how design can help curb abuse, and provide safe environments for your users. A note of […]

Video of the week: Designing Civility–Caroline Sinders

For much of the history of the Web, conversations and other digital analogues of real world social interaction have been a key part of user engagement. From Usenet, IRC to AOL Chatrooms and now Github, Reddit, and Twitter, design patterns like threaded commenting, liking and favoriting, up (and down voting) lie at the heart of […]

Scaling Design: Design Systems and DesignOps at Design ’19

As we countdown to announcing the full Design ’19 program, we’ll focus some of the important themes for the event. At our conferences, curation of timely, important and valuable sessions is always a key concern. One of the challenges that keeps coming up in my conversations and reading is how to scale design. So, at […]

Video of the Week– The Untold Benefits of Ethical Design: Holger Bartel

I’ve spoken and written frequently, and at length, about what I and many others see as the crisis facing what we call “the tech industry” (but as ‘software eats the world’ is really every industry). We’re waking up to the negative second order effects of the things we have been designing and building, often with […]

Video Ristretto–Product Design for A.I. driven products: Nick Lothian

From being the preserve first of science fiction, and research labs, to the domain of computer scientists, AI now impacts, and provides tremendous opportunity for anyone involved in product designing development. Investigating the challenges and opportunities at the intersection of design, technology and business presented by AI and Machine Learning is the aim of our […]

Video Ristretto–Why a poker-playing AI should have designers looking for a new job

As we count down to the launch of the program for Design, our Product Design conference, taking place in Melbourne in April, we’re looking at some of the most interesting presentations from last year’s inaugural Design conference. A 2013 report called ‘The Future of Employment: How susceptible are jobs to computerisation?’ left some occupations like […]

Video of the Week: Andy Polaine– Design for the long term

As we build toward the launch of our Design conference program in a couple of weeks, we’re revisiting some of the presentations from last year’s Design conference. Andy Polaine, co-author of Service Design: From Insight to Implementation, closed the conference with a mediation on design, and how so much design focusses on the short term. […]

Video Ristretto–Building a compelling case for a Design System

Design systems are approaching a must-have for product and design teams. But while you understand the value, how do you make the case to decision makers who might not see it as much? In this session from Web Directions Summit ’18, Laura van Doore, Head of Product Design at Fathom, a B2B SaaS product in […]

Video of the Week: Yiying Lu, Designing across Cultures

I first met Yiying Lu, then a recent design graduate back 2008. She’d gained a degree of fame due to the adoption of her piece “Lifting up a Dreamer” by Twitter as the image you saw when Twitter was down (this was quite a thing back in the early days of Twitter!) We even featured […]

Why speak at a conference?

Yesterday we opened CFPs for all our 2019 conferences. So I thought it made sense to talk a little more about why you should consider doing so. But let’s first address the objections people have, the reasons we find not to speak or even contemplate it. But I’m terrified of public speaking First it is […]

Speaking at a Web Directions event in 2019

While we only just wrapped up our 2018 events, we’re well into planning next year’s conferences. So, our calls for presentations for all our 2019 events are now open. We have 4 major events, Design, Code and Product in Melbourne, and then Summit in Sydney, which in 2019 will feature a separate Product Track, alongside […]

Web Directions Summit ’18 Wrapup

Since 2006 Web Directions has grown considerably, What was once a single event is now a family of related conferences across the year. But the essence of Web Directions is our annual, end of year event we now call Web Directions Summit. This year we returned to the Convention Centre in Sydney, which was our […]

The Meetup Muster returns for Summit ’18

Last year, long overdue, we added a new feature to our annual Summit, the Meetup Muster. The Meetup Muster was a cool addition to the event, introducing people to a range of Sydney’s tech meetups (SydCSS, SydJS, React Sydney, SydTechLeaders, SydPWA, Tech Talks). Many people come to conferences but don’t tap into the amazing meetup […]

Our Second Annual AI Conference

Last year when we held our first, very successful AI conference, not a few people scratched their heads and asked “why is Web Directions holding an AI conference“. Very often AI and Machine Learning are associated with complex technical specialisation (and this is certainly required for a lot of work with AI and ML). But […]

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