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Code Leaders, Melbourne, 2 August 2017

That was quite a day! I reckon very few of the 140 or so of us at this first Code Leaders conference in Melbourne had a clear idea of how the day would pan out. It’s probably fair to say that no-one except John Allsopp, the event’s creator and the heart and soul of Web […]

Video of the Week: Erin Moore – Convenient Fictions

When Erin Moore gave her talk at Web Directions in 2014, she was Senior UX Designer at Twitter. She has since moved on, but many of the insights she delivered came from her work with the social media giant. Her topic was time, that concept that measures our personal lives, dominates our working lives and […]

One Question, Many Answers: Part III

Here is the third and final set of extracts from the interviews we conducted with Direction 16 speakers for Scroll Magazine. These are only snippets – to see the full answers, come to Direction 16, where all conference and workshop attendees get a free print edition (88 bound pages of articles and interviews with full […]

Video Ristretto: Ben Buchanan – The SemVer Talk 1.0

Our video ristretto this week comes to us from one of those people who hooked up with us from even before our Web Directions days, and has been a key supporter even as his own career has blossomed. He’s now Front End Lead at Ansarada, and at Code he gave a great talk about the […]

Direction 16 Partner Event: StripeCon APAC

One of the benefits of organising events like Code, Respond, Transform and – in just over a week – Direction is the events that other people organise around the conference that add value and depth to their whole experience. SilverStripe is a major sponsor of Web Directions and has supported our events for the past six years. […]

Video of the Week: Cap Watkins – Design Everything

Our long form Video of the Week this week is of Cap Watkins delivering his Web Directions 15 keynote, “Design Everything”. This is really appropriate in light of our upcoming Direction 16 conference, where these kinds of ideas, philosophies and their practical application all come to the fore. Cap is a wonderfully engaging speaker, and […]

Video Ristretto: Simon Swain – Rats of the Maze

This week’s video ristretto come from just a few months ago at our Code conference in Sydney and Melbourne. If you’ve seen any of Simon Swain’s presentations at our events, you’ll know he comes up with some pretty breathtaking stuff. Rats of the Maze is no different – although it may be different to anything […]

One Question, Many Answers: Part II

Time for the second in our series of extracts from the interviews we conducted with Direction 16 speakers for Scroll Magazine. All conference and workshop attendees get a free print edition (88 bound pages of articles and interviews with full colour photos and illustrations) while it will also be available for digital download post-conference. Today’s […]

Idea of the Week: Web Directions Alumni

Those of you who have seen the Scroll Magazine we produced for our Code 16 conference (and if you haven’t, you should) will have noticed that we published a list of all our speakers and their topics at previous Code conferences. That resulted in a list of 80+ presentations and a bit of a who’s […]

Respond Speaker Insight: The inimitable Ethan Marcotte

In the leadup to our Responsive Web Design focussed event, Respond, in Sydney and Melbourne in April 2016, and as part of a special new project we’ll be announcing at the conference, we’ve been speaking with some of our speakers, and getting to know them a little better. This week, Ethan Marcotte, our opening keynote […]

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