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Announcing the Code ’18 program

Programs for conferences take a long time to come together. Sometimes we’ve been working with someone to have them come to speak for years, waiting for the stars tho align. Other times a quick email and reply and we’ve lined up a speaker in a matter of hours, or even (very rarely) minutes!

Then there’s the call for presentations aspect – we always want these to go as far and wide as possible, and find new speakers, with fresh ideas. Sadly many have to miss out, often not because they wouldn’t be great presentations, but simply because they don’t quite fit the program this time around.

But once all that effort is done, all those hours of research, emailing, Skype calls, programs are usually announced in one go.

Today we are really excited to announce the program for Code ’18, taking place in Melbourne August 1 and 2.

Sara Soueidan, Mark Zeman, Hui Jin Chen, Maximiliano Firtman

In the coming weeks we’ll dive more deeply into the program, and its various themes and areas of focus, like performance, architecture, CSS, JavaScript, and emerging technology and practices.

But for now, we just want to highlight a few of the speakers, several speaking for the first time in Australia

All alongside sessions on a broad range of topics of relevance to front end developers from Junior to Senior.

Code ’18 is already 66% sold, and will sell out a long way in advance, so if you are keen, don’t wait and register today!

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