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In Conversation with Aarron Walter

A few years back, I started video recording conversations with speakers at our conferences. We managed to record a dozen or so, until it became apparent that on top of the challenges of running conference, finding a day or two to record interviews at the same time ended up being just a bit too much.

They were actually something I really enjoyed, and now, as we’re pre-recording our presentations there’s the opportunity to pick them back up again. We’ll be featuring these as both podcast episodes as well as video conversations.

First up I talked with Aarron Walter. I’ve had the privilege of knowing Aarron for many years, working with him on initiatives around education at the W3C and elsewhere. Long-time head of design at Mailchimp, and more recently VP of Design Education at Invision, and now working for Resolve To Save Lives, a global health initiative that aims to save 100 million lives from cardiovascular disease and prevent epidemics.

He’s the author of Designing for Emotion, the second edition of which has just been published.

We talk about how the industry has changed in the 2 decades or more Aarron has been involved in it, as well as how different the first and second editions of Designing for Emotion are, one coming at the beginning of the decade, and the other at the end.

Enjoy, and you can subscribe to the podcast here, or wherever you subscribe to your favourite podcasts.

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