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Maciej Cegłowski video from Direction 16: Who Will Command The Robot Armies?

Well, Direction 16 is done and dusted, and the relative quiet here the last couple of weeks is testament to just how much effort goes into running conferences (though planning 2017 has also taken considerable time).

Last year at Web Directions, Maciej Cegłowski’s “The Website Obesity Crisis” caused quite a stir, and the video has been watched hundreds of thousands of times since. We were very privileged to have Maciej back for Direction 16, and his presentation did not disappoint.

Addressing the challenge of AI, autonomous vehicles (of all kinds), robots and much more, he asks, “What role do we have to play in all this?” A question definitely worth asking.

Please enjoy the closing keynote from Direction, and we’ll be back November 9 and 10 2017 with more like this.


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