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Product://remote Session Spotlight: How UX Can Help Us Humanize Products in the COVID-19 Era (and Beyond) by Ashley Hefnawy

In the leadup to Product://remote we’re putting the spotlight on the 2 dozen fantastic sessions we have lined up for attendees.

How UX Can Help Us Humanize Products in the COVID-19 Era (and Beyond)

By Ashley Hefnawy

How do we talk about the products we work with as designers, writers, strategists, and creative thinkers? As a UX Writer, I am often hired to help companies and brands “humanize” their voice, making sure that different aspects of the product experience are clear and easy to follow from a language lens. I have become known for my ability to transform complex subjects into digestible, human messages.

Many writers are known to do this, and what I’m asking is: instead of backtracking to use language as a means of humanizing products, what does it look like if the products themselves are more human friendly? As we move forward as a society and continue to build for humanity during and eventually post COVID-19, we must pay attention to the shifts that happen—in the ways we understand what humanization means for ourselves, how we relate to each other with community and care in mind, and how we relate to products.

This session will help attendees think creatively about what it might look like to live in a world where the products that make their way into our lives are actually given substantial thought, where brand loyalty is no longer just about great branding, where we evolve to build and create products that work to help us be better humans to ourselves and to each other.

About Ashley Hefnawy

Ashley Hefnawy is a multi-disciplinary writer and artist, consultant, creative strategist, and DJ. Over the course of her decade-long career, she’s worked as a journalist, UX writer, strategist, copywriter, and has pursued creative projects as a poet, fiction, and non-fiction writer. You can learn more about past and present projects via her website.


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