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Product://remote Session Spotlight: It’s time to get better at disclosure: An evidence-based toolkit by Nathan Kinch & Rob Hale

In the leadup to Product://remote we’re putting the spotlight on the 2 dozen fantastic sessions we have lined up for attendees.

It’s time to get better at disclosure: An evidence-based toolkit

By Nathan Kinch & Rob Hale

Have you ever read an entire terms and conditions document? Have you ever been tasked with ‘designing’ one?

For most, the answer to both questions is no. In fact, if your only job was to read the privacy policies of every website you visited in a year, you’d be fully employed for 76 working days.

Although it’s commonly cited that no one cares about this dilemma, the evidence suggests otherwise. People are resigned. They feel disempowered. They’ve become apathetic. As a result, they tick and forget. At Greater Than X we refer to this phenomenon as the Agreement Bypass Bias (ABB for short!).

The thing is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Terms and Conditions, Product Disclosure Statements and Privacy Notices can be valuable, meaningful and engaging. This presentation will demonstrate how.

Nathan Kinch, Co-founder and CEO of Greater Than X, will share practical case studies from their Better Disclosure work, get you up close and personal with the Better Disclosure Toolkit and ensure that, by the end of the talk, you have access to new tools and approaches you can put into practice the following day. Nathan will be joined on stage by Rob Hale, Chief Digital Officer at Regional Australia Bank. Rob will share his candid perspective on the challenges and opportunities of putting this work into practice within a purpose and community driven, yet heavily regulated organisation.

No one likes the wool pulled over their eyes. This is how we, as product designers and developers, can ensure our customers never feel this way again.

About Nathan Kinch & Rob Hale

Nathan is the CEO of Greater Than X. He’s the creator of Data Trust by Design and dabbles in startup investments when he can. He’s spent the bulk of his career grappling with the complexity and nuance of the rapidly evolving personal information economy. He’s led work for governments, big tech, banks, teclos, startups, as well as research and policy institutes. He writes often and speaks at events all around the world. He lives most days like it’s a holiday with his beautiful family on the Gold Coast.

Rob wears the Chief Digital Officer’s hat at Regional Australia Bank – funnily enough, a Bank, that’s based in Regional Australia. However it’s not a listed bank with traditional shareholders, it’s a customer-owned bank and if you didn’t know already, that makes a big difference. An active member of the mutual banking tech industry, Rob enjoys pushing the boundaries of what a small mutual institution can achieve and loves working with fintech startups and scaleups.

You won’t realise it but he is originally from the UK. He’s lived and worked in some major cities including London, Tokyo and New York before finally settling very happily with his Aussie wife, 3 kids, 2 dogs and numerous chickens, in Armidale, NSW.

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