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Product://remote Session Spotlight: Potato, Potato: Building Connection Between Product and Design by Jane Davis

In the leadup to Product://remote we’re putting the spotlight on the 2 dozen fantastic sessions we have lined up for attendees.

Potato, Potato: Building Connection Between Product and Design

By Jane Davis

Product teams can benefit tremendously from both experimentation and research, but it can be difficult to understand when to apply each approach. This session will run through a framework for deciding when to experiment and when to do research and help people understand how to apply it to their own work.

About Jane Davis

As the Head of UX Research and Content Design at Zapier (fondly known as UX+), Jane Davis leads a team in helping the company make user-centered, strategic decisions about our business and its direction by having informed, research-driven opinions on key problems and opportunities.

They ensure that Zapier is connecting users to value by undertaking exploratory research, developing a vision and strategy for how we communicate with users, and scaling research and content design as disciplines so that their product teams are able to get the information they need in a way that speeds up their development process.

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