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Release Your Inner Conference Speaker

You know it. You’ve felt it.

You go to conferences, workshops, meetups, events of all kinds where people get up and talk and give you insights into their work – and your own – that you’d never get from anywhere else.

And you can’t help thinking to yourself, “I could do that. I could give a conference talk.”

And you know what? You’re right!

That’s pretty much how all those speakers you like got started. They watched others speak, they thought about what they could offer in a presentation, and they submitted a proposal to a conference.

Now, that’s exactly the step we’re at with Respond, Australia’s Front End Design Design Conference.

Respond 2017

We’ve just opened up our Call For Proposal for Respond 2017, the conference taking place in Sydney (4-5 May), Melbourne (8-9 May) and now Brisbane (12 May).

If you already know the Respond conference, you’ll know that we offer a mixture of full length presentations (featuring high profile international and Australian speakers) and shorter 20 minute talks (featuring local speakers, often up on stage for the first time).

If you work in any way with front end design (and let’s face it, these days “responsive design” really just means “design”) and you don’t know Respond – well, you should. Catch up with some previous years here and here.

We make it as easy as possible to submit a proposal and, importantly, we give successful applicants as much support as we can to deliver well-structured, polished and engaging presentations.

The key date to note is Wednesday 1 March 2017 – that is the closing date for submissions.

We’ll then let you know whether you’ve been successful by Monday 6 March, and we’ll start helping you get ready.

There is, of course, some detail to take into account so we’ve prepared a webpage with everything you need to know, including an easy-to-complete form to submit your proposal.

We take seriously our responsibility to give local industry folks a chance to get up and talk about what they want to share with colleagues and peers, and take an active role in our suite of conferences and related events.

Please do take a moment to review the webpage and consider submitting a proposal to talk at Respond 17.

We hope to hear from you soon.

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