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Thanks to platform.sh our hosting partner for 2021

The last year has seen a massive transformation for many companies, not least of all for us here at Web Directions. In a mater of days, the core of what we did for over 15 years, organising in person conferences, became impossible, and will remain infeasible for some time to come.

In response we, like others moved our events online. And while last year was incredibly challenging (though less so than for others), it was also incredibly rewarding.

After looking at the options for how to host our online events we decided to build our own online conference platform, that would allow us to explore and experiment with the format.

And a critical part of that was getting our development and hosting environments right. We were a tiny team, with a lot of challenges. We wanted to build and deliver a great conference for our audience and minimise the effort and time we put into operations.

Platform.sh had partnered with us some years before when they first focussed on the Australian market, so we reconnected with them. They really did help us deliver a completely new conference experience in a short time frame, in no small part by taking care of many of those painful time consuming things that we simply did not have time to–things like automatically provisioned certificates, built in caching, and a really simple git based deployment pipeline.

We really recommend platform.sh if you’re looking for a host that takes care of the operations side and lets you get on with developing.

Thanks to platform.sh for being our hosting partner for our brand new CSS focussed conference, Hover, and all our 2021 conferences.

In 2021 we have a whole series of events for Front End Developers

Across 2021 Web Directions is presenting a series of online conferences for front end designers and developers. Focussed deep dives, they go far beyond what you might expect from conference presentations.

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Across the year we have 6 conferences planned, the first 4 announced, focussing on CSS, Front End Performance, JavaScript and Progressive Web Apps, with more to come.

Priced individually from $145, or attend all 6, plus get access to our conference presentation platform Conffab for just $595, or $59 a year.

delivering year round learning for front end and full stack professionals

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Thoroughly enjoyed Web Directions — met some great people, heard some inspiring presenters and added a whole bunch of things to my to-do list.

Joel Roberts Web Developer