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Video of the Week: Chris Messina–Lessons from the death of the PC

Chris Messina on stage at WDS'17
Chris Messina Opens Web Directions Summit 2017

Back for 2018, we’ll be featuring great past presentations from our conferences, come recent, some more archival, but all highly relevant today.

First up, the opening keynote for Web Directions Summit 2017, by Chris Messina. Chris’s claim to fame is that the coined the usage of hashtags on twitter, but his contributions to the shape of the Web and the industry around are far more significant, files famous.

Chris has long been involved in a free, open, extensible web, with significant impact on technologies like microformats and openID. He was involved, and instrumental at the very beginning of co-working, and in the adoption of Firefox when it first launched well over a decade ago.

He continues to think deeply about the Web, and technology more broadly, and on their impact and culture.

More recently he’s focussed on chatbots, and conversational user experiences, something we’ve covered quite extensively at Web Directions events, and will do into the future including at Design in Melbourne April 2018.

Extremely well received at Web Directions Summit 2017, please enjoy, Lessons from the Death of the PC.

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I had an absolute blast, learnt so much, and met so many great people

Carmen Chung Software engineer, Valiant Finance

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