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Web Directions Hover ’21 session spotlight–CSS Aspect Ratio

CSS Aspect Ratio

Anton Ball, Front End Developer Doist

Have you needed to maintain an aspect ratio in a layout? Perhaps 16:9 for a video or a 4:3 photograph. Was it more work than you would have thought? There’s JavaScript solutions or the Padding-Top hack that work, but there are sacrifices to these workarounds.

The frustration of maintaining a consistent width-height ratio is about to be solved with modern browsers supporting the CSS Aspect Ratio property. In this talk we look at what aspect ratio is, how we can use it in our code and the problems it’ll solve.

About Anton Ball

Anton is a Front-End Developer, speaker and community organiser. He is passionate about clean, structured code, web standards, accessibility and optimisation. He prides himself on delivering robust, high quality and beautiful solutions. Anton co-organises Fenders Front-End Developer meetup and DDD Perth. Anton has also volunteered as a mentor introducing others to the world of coding.

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