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Web Directions Lazy Load ’21 session spotlight–HTTP/3 and QUIC: What, Why, and What’s Next

HTTP/3 and QUIC: What, Why, and What’s Next

Jana Iyengar, Distinguished Engineer Fastly

An overview of HTTP/3 and QUIC efforts, and their current state at the IETF and in the world

About Jana Iyengar

Jana is a Distinguished Engineer at Fastly, working on networking performance, including building, deploying, and measuring QUIC, TCP, and congestion control. He chairs the IRTF’s Internet Congestion Control Research Group and engages in IETF standards development.

Before Fastly, he was a Software Engineer at Google, working on QUIC, BBR, and other networking projects. In a past life, he was an Associate Professor at Franklin & Marshall College, where he taught computer science and worked on various Internet architecture and transport projects.

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