Yesenia Perez–Design Decisions Through the Lens of Performance

This week’s feature video comes from our Respond conference last year (Respond 2016 is a couple of months off yet, with early bird pricing still available), a fantastic presentation from Yesenia Perez-Cruz (who since then has been turning up speaking all over the world!) on how the decisions designers (“just one more weight of this typeface, how can that hurt?”) and marketers (“this hero video will really get us higher conversions”) make impact web page load times, and a cascade of user metrics that fall out from this.

A great companion to Maciej Cegłowski’s wildly popular Website Obesity Crisis from Web Directions 2015, I really recommend you get everyone responsible for your Website together to watch both these presentations, whatever their department, title or role.

Find these valuable? They’re just a taste of what you can expect at Respond 2016 in Sydney and Melbourne in April. Respond this year features the person who literally invented Responsive Web Design, Ethan Marcotte, and a host of the world’s leading experts, curated and presented by people who really know what is going on in the World of Web design, if we do say so ourselves.

Need to improve the performance and engagement of your sites? Want to keep up with developments in Web design? Need to get others in your organisation to understand where the Web is headed? Then you really should think about coming to Respond!

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