Bringing Respond and Code to Brisbane

This year we’re bringing not one, but two of our conferences, Respond and Code to Brisbane. We’re excited to be heading there, and hope the good folks north of the border are too!

Transform 16: Better Public Services for New Zealand – Darryl Carpenter

As we get closer to Transform 17, one of the things we can say we were especially pleased about with our first Transform conference in Canberra last year was the variety of perspectives presented. We had speakers from the USA, the UK, Australia national, New South Wales, South … Read more »

Announcing Respond 2017, our front end design conference

Round up your front end design team – your CX, UX and UI folks, your user researchers, along with your front end devs – UI engineers, web developers, whatever your team calls them – and get them along to not just the best front end design conference in Australia, but … Read more »

Recognising International Women’s Day – Respond 17

Today, March 8, is International Women’s Day.

Not coincidentally, today we are launching our Respond 17 conference.

The theme for IWD 2017 is Women in the Changing World of Work, which includes consideration of the gendered digital divide (particularly in developing nations) and also the opportunities for women provided … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Fiona Chan – CSS: Code Smell Sanitation

Fiona ChanOur Video Ristretto this week features Fiona Chan, who many CSS loving Sydneysiders will know as one of the hosts of the CSS Sydney meetup, and our conference attendees will know as a regular volunteer at our events, helping to … Read more »

How to Convince the Boss You Should Go to Transform 17

We know that no matter how excited you are to attend Transform 17, it can be a terrifying task to ask your boss to pay for your ticket. You and I both know that attending this conference is a valuable investment to your professional and personal development … but … Read more »

Transform 16: User-centred Government Through Digital Services – Leisa Reichelt

From May 2013 to July 2015, Leisa Reichelt was Head of User Research for the Government Digital Service in the UK. That placed her in the middle – or perhaps at the forefront – of a revolution of sorts, a transformation of how British government offices and agencies make information … Read more »

The Most Connected Man on Earth

The future had arrived. It’s still not evenly distributed.
Braille reader

In conversation, I often bring up someone I refer to as “the most connected man in the world”, who I met over a decade ago and who is still the most connected person I’ve ever met, all … Read more »

Video of the Week – Jen Simmons at Respond 2016

At Respond last year, Jen Simmons gave a very well received session on the current state of CSS layout and the role of Real Art Direction on the Web. Today, much more of what Jen described is possible, thanks to CSS Grid, so this seems like a good … Read more »

Google’s Progressive Web App Roadshow is Coming to Sydney

Since Alex Russell, who coined the term Progressive Web App and outlined the concept, first spoke publicly about them at our Code 2015 conference (watch the video below), this approach to developing powerful, engaging web applications has become extremely popular, and has been adopted by some really significant brands, as well … Read more »

Transform 16 Masterclass: Deconstructing Delight with Jared Spool & Dana Chisnell

With the Early Bird prices for Transform 17 closing tomorrow (Fri 3/3), it’s a good time to remind you that the event is more than just a day of talks. Our Masterclass this year is divided into two workshops, and should be a full-on day with two experts. … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Simon Knox – Incremental responsive redesign at

Simon KnoxThis week’s Video Ristretto comes from last year’s Respond conference (you do know there’s currently a Call For Proposals for Respond 17, right?) in the form of Simon Knox and his talk about the Incremental responsive redesign at … Read more »

Transform 17 Speaker Insights – Dan Sheldon

Our Transform conference in Canberra is just over a month away (early bird closes Friday 3 March), and we want to share some insights into Dan Sheldon, who is doing double time as workshop presenter and conference speaker. 

Dan’s presentation at Transform is titled The Government IT Self-Harm Playbook. This … Read more »

Transform 16: Common Ground, A Content Case Study – Mel Flanagan

So, we’ve extended the Early Bird discount period for Transform 2017 in Canberra (29-30 March) by one week to this Friday, 3 March. In the meantime, here’s another Wrap summary from last year’s Transform, this one a look at a partnership between government and a commercial agency.

Common Ground, … Read more »

Weekend Reading Links

Every other week, I recommend some links to articles and online resources I think you might enjoy reading over the weekend.

Pixar in a Box
Regular readers will know of my love of (perhaps obsession with) animation, particularly the animation of Pixar. In conjunction with Khan Academy, Pixar has just released “… Read more »