Calling All Speakers for Web Directions Code 2017

Last week, we opened registrations for the latest Web Directions Code conference, taking place in Melbourne on 3-4 August.

We’ve announced just two international keynote speakers (so far) and that’s partly because we’ve deliberately left room for some presentations by up and coming local speakers.

That could be you.

At Web Directions, a … Read more »

Code 16: Rediscovering the Server – Josh Duck

Josh Duck is a Brisbane native and front-end engineer at Facebook. He’s contributed to React, managed the open source effort behind Relay, and has helped build Facebook products like Profile and Search.

Josh came to last year’s Code conference to give a presentation that fascinated all of us … Read more »

There is No Device


I know I’m not alone in finding memes like this one annoying, and mostly avoiding them.

There is no spoon meme from the Matrix


For the younger folks in the audience, it’s a scene from The Matrix.

For the even younger folks in the audience, … Read more »

Video of the Week: The State of Front-End Testing – Alicia Sedlock

Alicia SedlockContinuing this week’s broad theme of maintaining your code and making sure it does what it’s supposed to do – preferably neither more nor less, our Video of the Week also comes from Code 16.

Alicia Sedlock took us … Read more »

Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2017

Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD), which takes place every year on 18 May, is now in its sixth year, and is growing every year as more people join in what is both a celebration of accessibility for people with disabilities and a confirmation that much work … Read more »

Video Ristretto: CSS: Code Smell Sanitation – Fiona Chan

Fiona ChanAs we look forward to Web Directions Code 17 in Melbourne this August, our Video Ristretto this week harks back to last year’s conference, where Fiona Chan delivered her presentation CSS: Code Smell Sanitation.

Fiona has long been a … Read more »

Registrations Open for Code 17, First Speakers Announced

We have just opened registrations for Web Directions Code 17!

For those new to it, and to remind those who know it well, Code has evolved to be the premier conference in Australia focusing on JavaScript, front end HTML/CSS, devops, engineering, web-facing programming, security, performance … in short, code.

The last time … Read more »

Respond 17 – Post Conference

A hectic week of Respond 17 – three days in Sydney, three days in Melbourne and one day in Brisbane – has wrapped up, and what an amazing event it was.

Our great thanks to all the speakers, including our international visitors who understandably find it onerous to travel all … Read more »

The Big 2017 Events Reset

I want to share with you our updated plans for the rest of 2017, and into 2018.

Why are we changing the schedule?

Well, as you may know, my sister Rosemary (who runs Web Directions with me) and I are dealing with some serious family health problems that require us to rethink how best we … Read more »

Tragic Design

Jonathan ShariatThose of you who attended our Direction conference in Sydney last year, will recall a great talk by Jonathan Shariat, Tragic Design: The real cost of bad design & how to fix it.

Jonathan’s presentation focused on how bad design … Read more »

Video Ristretto: How we learned to love iterative design at Fairfax – Dina Gohil and Lucinda Burtt

Dina Gohil and Lucinda BurttNews outlets on the web have undergone both voluntary and forced evolutions in recent years, perhaps none more so than the focus of today’s Video Ristretto: Fairfax.

At Respond 16, Dina Gohil and Lucinda Burtt gave us a … Read more »

Respond 17 Scroll Excerpt: Elizabeth Allen

Our next extract from the Respond 17 Scroll magazine sheds some light not only on conference speaker Elizabeth Allen, but also the kind of experience user researchers occasionally run into.
Elizabeth Allen
Respond 17: Elizabeth Allen

Before Elizabeth Allen PhD moved into … Read more »

Respond 16: vw + vh === vnice – Craig Sharkie

A pretty strong theme emerged at our Respond 16 conference of reassessing what parts of CSS might be usable now that they have browser support (or don’t) and then how they might best be used (or not).

Craig Sharkie gave a short, sharp presentation on the state of play … Read more »

Video of the Week: Laziness in the Time of Responsive Design – Ethan Marcotte

Ethan MarcotteJust days away from the start of the 3-city week-long festival of design that is Respond 17 (you’re booked in for Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, right?) seems an opportune moment to review the presentation delivered at Respond just … Read more »

Will WCAG 2.1 Make Accessibility More Accessible? – Ricky Onsman

accessibilityIt staggers me that we are still – STILL – struggling with making our web and digital products and services universally accessible.

In one sense, that is just a reflection of how poorly we understand and implement accessibility in the rest of … Read more »