Video Ristretto: Components Without Screen-based Media Queries – Chris Wright

Chris WrightA hallmark of the relatively short history of web design and development has been the often very creative use of CSS elements meant to do one thing but made to serve some other purpose entirely.

Some might find that surprising, given … Read more »

Respond 16: Masterclass – Ethan Marcotte and Karen McGrane

As is often the case, our next major event – Respond 17 – is not only a two-day conference, but also has a third day devoted to a Masterclass workshop with Vitaly Friedman (in Brisbane, we’ll present only the workshop).

Our roster of past Masterclass workshop leaders reads like an album … Read more »

A Tale of Two Products

This is the tale of two products. Physical things that do something rather similar. Each prepares a beverage – one hot, one cold – that are consumed on a enormous scale all over the planet.

The drinks themselves have been consumed for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. But … Read more »

Video of the Week: Building Accessible Web Components Without Tears – Russ Weakley

Russ WeakleyOne of the things we really like about staging conferences like Respond is that we can bring to Australia experts from around the world.

Perhaps even better than that is when we can feature locals who are themselves world class in … Read more »

Chatbots? Seriously?

Some of us remember Clippy, Microsoft’s assistant in Office, now much derided as an interfering pain that never seemed to help.

clippy in action

And for years we’ve been seeing chat boxes on home pages of sites we visit, but how often have we ever used … Read more »

Give Yourself Over to CSS Grid – Mike Riethmuller

Mike RiethmullerWe invited some of our Respond 17 speakers to contribute an article on a topic not necessarily directly related to their presentation theme, but that would fit in with the general themes of the conference.

Mike Riethmuller, who is … Read more »

Video Ristretto: Picture Perfect – Matthew Kairys

Matthew KairysThe ‹picture› element supplies a semantic approach to dealing with responsive images on the web, yet Matthew Kairys in his presentation at Respond 16 pointed out how little use is currently made of it.

Which is odd when … Read more »

Code as a Signal of Quality

For closer to 20 than 10 years, I’ve made the argument that the quality of the code of a website (which is relatively easy to assess, compared to any sort of binary application, where code is almost impossible to assess in any meaningful way) – whether it validates, its approach … Read more »

Respond 17 Scroll Excerpt: Vitaly Friedman

Our next extract from the Respond 17 Scroll magazine gives some background to keynote speaker and masterclass workshop leader Vitaly Friedman.

As a regular speaker at web conferences, the Smashing Magazine head honcho is obviously a very familiar figure in our industry, but we wanted to … Read more »

Respond 16: Performance – HTTP2 in a 1.5 World – Peter Wilson

Peter Wilson’s subject at Respond 16 was performance, which sits alongside security as a major factor designers and developers have to take into account on today’s web.

You may have the most beautiful and useful website in the world, but if it takes too long to load, site … Read more »

Video of the Week: Designing Secure Experiences – Rachel Simpson

Rachel SimpsonAt Respond 16, we were fortunate to bring to Australia Rachel Simpson, UX designer on the Google Chrome team, to present on finding a real balance between usability and security.

Rachel’s keynote pointed out how poor some of our … Read more »

What we’re reading: 14 April 2017

Things that have crossed our desk recently, and we think are worth crossing yours, too.
The Power of Experience Mapping
Jared Spool
I think Netflix is one of the most extraordinary companies in the world. From business strategy to devops, UI to front end development, these folks are as good as it … Read more »

Respond 17 Scroll Excerpt: Matt Magain

Our Scroll magazine Scroll magazine contains considerably more than just profiles of the Respond 17 speakers. We look for different ways to add perspective, context and – ultimately – value to your conference experience.

Sketchnotes are a terrific way of summarising conference presentations, using evocative illustrations to emphasise … Read more »

Video Ristretto: CSS Variables – Michael Mifsud

Michael MifsudMichael Mifsud is a Performance Engineer at 99designs, a core contributor to LibSass, and the Node-Sass project lead.

He started the MelbCSS Meetup and is an organizer of CSSConf AU.

All of which amply qualifies him to tell us … Read more »

Respond 17 Scroll Excerpt: Mina Markham

This week’s extract from the Scroll magazine published with our Respond 17 conference focuses on keynote speaker Mina Markham.

During the 2016 US presidential campaign, Mina spent most of her time building and refining Pantsuit, the design system that powered many of the applications hosted on … Read more »