Addy Osmani – Tools for jQuery Application Architecture

Web Directions @media 2011, London, May 26th 11:45m.

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Additional resources and background information are available at Addy’s website.

Session description

Modern JavaScript development often has to address a number of different concerns ranging from the use of architectural patterns such as MVC to improve code organisation, through to JavaScript templating, cross-​​browser storage, routing/​bookmarking, script loading, feature detection and more. In this talk, JavaScript developer and jQuery Core Bug Triage & Docs team member Addy Osmani discusses tools that can simplify your development process significantly.

About Addy Osmani

Photo of Addy OsmaniAddy Osmani is a popular JavaScript Blogger and a senior independent developer based in London, England. He is also a member of the jQuery Bug Triage and Front-​​end teams where he assists with community updates, releases and bugs. Addy’s passion lies in helping spread knowledge about JavaScript and jQuery best practices, coding techniques and open-​​source projects in the community. He achieves this through numerous free online talks, articles and resources which he releases each month.

For more on Addy’s work, check out his official website AddyOsmani​.com for tutorials, jQuery​.com for his community updates and magazines such as .NET for his thoughts and commentaries.

Follow Addy on Twitter: @addyosmani

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