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Divya Manian – Creative CSS3

Web Directions Unplugged 2011, Seattle, May 12th 11:45am.

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Being a front-end designer used to mean pixel hacking and endless rounds of pain while trying to make sites and applications “look the same in each browser”. Thankfully, we now live in more interesting times. But as we strive to make our web apps a pleasure to use, the vast array of tools and techniques available to us present their own set of challenges. In this session you will learn to ask the right questions to guide your choice of tools and the design.

Find out how to creatively use new features of CSS3 (gradients, multiple backgrounds, generated content, and many more) to give life to your design ideas, make them adaptable and maintainable, and provide the best experience possible on an array of platforms.

Finally, you’ll hear how to create a library of simple and ready-to-use design patterns, that you can incorporate into your workflow to bring your designs to life much faster.

About Divya Manian

Photo of Divya ManianDivya Manian is a Web Designer in Seattle. She made the jump from developing device drivers for Motorola phones to designing websites and has not looked back since. She takes her duties as an Open Web vigilante seriously which has resulted in collaborative projects such as HTML5 Readiness and HTML5 Boilerplate. Speaker Photo: © Mohini Patel Glanz.

Follow Divya on Twitter: @nimbuin

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