HTML5 technologies and game development – Rob Hawkes

Rob Hawkes uses HTML5 technologies for game development. See below for full session description and more resources.

Got a taste for it? Be there for the dev track at Web Directions South 2012.

This presentation was recorded at Web Directions Code in Melbourne on May 24 2012.

Session description

With Angry Birds, Cut the Rope and other block­buster games now working in modern web browsers, it’s fair to say native, browser based gaming has arrived for real. But how do they do it? In this session, Mozilla Technical Evangelist Rob Hawkes looks at the features now in your browsers to help develop games (and other interactive web based experiences) including the Canvas and WebGL, HTML5 Audio API, Mouselock and the Joy­stick API.

Resources from this presentation

About Rob Hawkes

Rob thrives on solving problems through code. He has an addiction to visual programming and can’t get enough of HTML5 and JavaScript. He’s the author of Foundation HTML5 Canvas and is a Technical Evangelist at Mozilla. He leads the gaming side of Mozilla’s work within the developer community.

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