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Kerry Taylor – Semantics & sensors

Web Directions South 2009, Sydney Convention Centre, October 9 1.40pm.

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Semantic Web technologies, both those envisaged and those already realised, have the potential to benefit domains where issues such as volume, complexity and heterogeneity can overcome traditional techniques. Sensor networks are one such area where the application of semantics is indicated by scale, complexity, and the need to integrate over heterogeneous standards, sensors and systems for multiple purposes and multiple disciplines.

The Semantic Sensor Networks W3C Incubator is an international initiative to develop standards for sharing information collected by sensors and sensor networks over the Web, including an ontology for different types of sensing devices and their observations, and new approaches for the semantic markup of sensor descriptions and services that support sensor data exchange and sensor network management.

Kerry will describe the ongoing effort to increase the quality and reduce the cost of capturing environmental data, to address the growing demand for information about the environmental systems that support Australia’s agricultural, resource and process-based industries.

About Kerry Taylor

Kerry Taylor PortraitDr Kerry Taylor is a research scientist in the CSIRO ICT Centre, and co-chairs both the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) Semantic Sensor Network incubator group and the 2009 International Workshop on Semantic Sensor Networks. She has broad interests in AI, databases, service oriented architectures, and environmental information systems. Currently, most of her work is about using semantic representations, especially ontologies, to support data integration and evolvable information systems. She hopes that this work will drive a new wave of e-research driven innovation in Australia.

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