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Mathew Patterson – Delivering user experience to the inbox: designing for email

A presentation given at at Web Directions User Experience, Melbourne Town Hall, May 16 2008.

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So you’ve designed a fantastic website for your client, tested in all the major browsers and everything looks great. Now they want to send an email newsletter to all their customers, using the new design.

No problem right? Just need to test in Outlook 07, and 06. Yahoo and Hotmail too, of course. Oh, and Gmail, Lotus Notes, AOL…Of course, the design may not work that well for an email anyway, and isn’t there some kind of anti-spam laws?

Like it or not, HTML email is here to stay and the responsibility for doing it right belongs to web designers. Learn how to plan, design and build an email newsletter that will provide a great user experience to the recipients, and great value to your clients.

About Mathew Patterson

Matthew Patterson PortraitMathew is the community manager at Freshview, the team behind the popular email newsletter web apps, Campaign Monitor and MailBuild. In past lives he was a web designer for the Australian Stock Exchange and Priceline Europe among others. He runs Designers Inhouse, the list for web designers in non-design firms, and recently spoke at the Future of Web Design in New York.

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