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Video of the Week: CSS + SVG: A Designer’s Delight – Sara Soueidan

We’re going back to Respond 16 for our Video of the Week this week, when Sara Soueidan came to visit and delivered an inspiring, eye-opening keynote presentation on what can be done with CSS and SVG working together. It’s an excellent talk, and really needs no more introduction than that.     Want more? Like […]

Video Ristretto: CSS: Code Smell Sanitation – Fiona Chan

As we look forward to Web Directions Code 17 in Melbourne this August, our Video Ristretto this week harks back to last year’s conference, where Fiona Chan delivered her presentation CSS: Code Smell Sanitation. Fiona has long been a stalwart supporter of Web Directions – she’s one of our regular and indispensable production volunteers – […]

CSS, HTML, SVG at Respond

Respond started life as a “pop-up” single-day conference in Sydney, addressing the specific challenges associated with web design in the age of multi screens. Initially, the focus was very practical and revolved a lot around CSS – and specific responsive patterns – to do with images, navigation on small screens, accessibility on mobile devices, and so […]

Video of the Week – Rachel Andrew: CSS Grid Layout

Now that it has support in browsers like Chrome and Firefox, CSS Grid is being recognised as the gamechanger it is for front end designers and developers. That support has only come this month, but those who attended our Code 16 conference in July/August last year have been preparing for its advent ever since, thanks […]

Video Ristretto: Kevin Yank – CSS Selectors Redux

Video Ristretto this week brings you Kevin Yank’s timely reminder to check the CSS you already know, including whether and how it works, and what’s coming soon in terms of both the spec and browser implementation. We asked Kevin, Front End Engineer at Culture Amp and regular contributor to Web Directions events over the years, […]

Rachel Nabors–The State of the Animation

At Web Directions, we’ve long been excited about animation on the Web, particularly animated user interfaces and experiences. We’ve featured a significant number of presentations on the topic, including two stellar ones in 2015, at Web Directions Code and at Web Directions itself. Today we feature one of those, by the awesome Rachel Nabors, ‘The […]

Yesenia Perez–Design Decisions Through the Lens of Performance

This week’s feature video comes from our Respond conference last year (Respond 2016 is a couple of months off yet, with early bird pricing still available), a fantastic presentation from Yesenia Perez-Cruz (who since then has been turning up speaking all over the world!) on how the decisions designers (“just one more weight of this […]

Ben Schwarz – CSS Variables

A head-first dive into the past, present and future of all things variable in CSS. And if this floats your boat, you need to get along to the Engineering Track at Web Directions 2014.

The Z Dimension – video presentation by Glen Maddern

This presentation covers a few lessons and guidelines to demystify the Z-dimension – what a stacking context is, how events are distributed, how transforms (3D & 2D) are handled by the browser, and how to untangle a vertical mess. And, as a bonus, how a better understanding of depth leads to higher-performing websites.

Oh No! Spaghetti Code! – video presentation by Fiona Chan

Large, unmaintainable CSS code is a common problem for many websites. It is often neglected because things can still somehow work even when the CSS is really bad! But not only does this slow down performance, it also inhibits developers from producing quality code.But if you start your site with a solid foundation, developing a […]

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Thoroughly enjoyed Web Directions — met some great people, heard some inspiring presenters and added a whole bunch of things to my to-do list.

Joel Roberts Web Developer

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