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Design ’18: The Wrap

For a first time event, the engagement, the energy, dare I say it “the vibe” were amazing, the quality of the presentations, from experienced international speakers, through to first time local speakers was as good as it gets.

Summit 17 – Lo, the Product & Design Track

To complement the already announced Engineering Track of our Summit 17 conference, here are the details of the Product & Design Track – a pretty stunning program, you will agree.

(NB We do still have one more speaker to announce on Monday).

The Big 2017 Events Reset

I want to share with you our updated plans for the rest of 2017, and into 2018. Why are we changing the schedule? Well, as you may know, my sister Rosemary (who runs Web Directions with me) and I are dealing with some serious family health problems that require us to rethink how best we can deliver on […]

Yesenia Perez–Design Decisions Through the Lens of Performance

This week’s feature video comes from our Respond conference last year (Respond 2016 is a couple of months off yet, with early bird pricing still available), a fantastic presentation from Yesenia Perez-Cruz (who since then has been turning up speaking all over the world!) on how the decisions designers (“just one more weight of this […]

Context, multi-device and the future of TV in the browser – video presentation by Rod Farmer

Broadcast TV is dead. Long live TV! Despite declining numbers in broadcast TV viewership, consumption of TV Shows and online video is growing faster than ever before. With every Network and their dog madly rushing to provide a second screen experience via native applications, few compelling cross-platform TV experiences exist on the web. Beyond technical […]

The best interface is no interface – video presentation from Golden Krishna

Many believe the future of design is in screens. They’re wrong. Our love for the digital interface is out of control. This conversation, led by Golden Krishna, will explore a better path: NoUI. Eliminating counterintuitive input mechanisms for natural inputs inverts the contemporary focus of software design to have computers adapt for people, rather than […]

How the internet of things changes how we design – video presentation from Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

Designing a connected product requires strategic thinking that design professionals have not had to develop in an industrial context. It distrupts not only entire industries but the way professionals are shaped for those industries. I’ll talk about the process of developing and designing connected products and the sets of skills, semantics, and collaborative practitces that […]

Connected UX – video presentation by Aarron Walter

Though design research has become common practice at product companies, it often produces insights that slip into the hazy distance as documents get lost on a hard drive, or ignored by someone in a different department. Worse still, efforts get duplicated when communication breaks down. UX teams have design research down to a science, but […]

Beyond Mobile, Beyond Web – video presentation by Scott Jenson

As the cost of computation and connectivity plummets, manufacturers are going to put ‘interactivity’ into every device. What does this mean for us as designers and curators of experiences? This talk discusses how the principles of the open web must apply not only to prototocols but to hardware as well. How can we make sure […]

Deep Interaction – a video presentation by Karl Fast

Deep interaction is the idea that interaction is an integral part of human thinking. It’s how we make meaning, develop understanding, and create insight. Interaction is more than clicking pixels and sliding fingers over glass. This talk explores what deep interaction means for designing the digital future.

The Weight of the Web – video presentation from David Demaree

In this talk David Demaree, Developer and Product Manager at Typekit considers the web as a physical medium, constrained by bandwidth and device capabilities. He also looks at the web as an adaptive medium, where our work can consist not only of pixels and words, but also metadata and instructions for displaying content across all […]

People, not users – video presentation from Rachel Binx

In this keynote from Web Directions South 2013, Rachel Binx argues for a more human-centric approach to designing web experiences. She explores the ways in which people invest themselves online, the obligations companies should feel towards those investments, and offers solutions for treating users a bit more like people

Responding to responsive design – video presentation from Craig Sharkie

Take a look at a range of techniques and attitudes, and even an application or two, that will make simply ignoring Responsive Design harder than embracing it. Like what you see? Want a piece of the action next time around? Then get along to Web Directions South in Sydney October 24 and 25 2013.

Radiation-free responsive experiences – video presentation from Andrew Fisher

A responsive experience may take place in part in the browser, but it extends well beyond media queries and image sets. This talk focuses on how data as a material and data as tooling in the design process can shape deeply engaging and responsive experiences, that even go offline. Like what you see? Want a […]

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