Five Reasons to Join Us at Transform 17

You might have already scanned what’s in store at Transform 17, but I just want to highlight five great reasons why you should join us this year.


 Ben Holliday, Transform 17 International speakers 

A digitally informed transformation of government service delivery is happening all over the world. Let’s learn from international experiences. Ben HollidayDan SheldonAriel Kennan


Australian speakers 

Government service delivery systems are very much shaped by local circumstances. We need an informed Australian perspective to bring about lasting change. Sarah AtkinsonJenny HunterBrian Dargan & Luke Hymers

 Sarah Atkinson, Transform 17


 Case Studies, Transform 17 Case studies

Finding out what works and what doesn’t in real world situations with impacts on real people brings a practical perspective that’s hard to find elsewhere. Various



Listening and watching is great, but getting a bit hands-on delivers a different kind of learning experience, especially with a group of like-minded peers. Part I: Dan Sheldon, Part II: Sarah Atkinson

 Workshop, Transform 17


 Networking, Transform 17 Networking

You know from last year that we structure our events so there’s room to take in what you’ve just seen and compare notes with your fellow attendees. Priceless.

Early bird registration gives you $100 off the full price

Early bird closes Friday 24 February

Come and join us in Canberra at the end of next month.

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