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Maria Sereno

Design leadership and mental health: challenges, questions, and (some) answers

Maria Sereno Design Lead Gippstech

Problems with mental health can have a huge negative impact on our work, especially when we're trying to create, design, or code. How do we function as excellent team leads when dealing with the additional challenges posed by mental illness in our teams?

I speak both as a design + front-end development lead, and as someone who deals with severe anxiety and depression on a daily basis. What useful questions can we ask to build better spaces for mental health in our industry - and what could some of these answers look like?

Maria Sereno

Maria has been a working artist and designer for over ten years and has been recognised internationally for her body of work, including winning a Tiptree Fellowship in 2016 and qualifying as a Hugo Award Finalist in 2017. She started web development in 1998, hand-coding HTML in Notepad, and has worked on web design and development for businesses over the past 4 years. As a calligrapher, she is serious about typography and uses WordPress as her platform of choice because code is poetry.

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