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Laura Summers

Art vs Science: UX research in the age of the reproducibility crisis

Laura Summers Design Consultant Summerscope

In tech in recent years, it feels a bit like everybody and their dog has hopped on the 'scientific method' bandwagon. Design Thinking, Agile and UX Research methodologies are all modeled on this approach. But science itself is in the grips of an existential crisis, as embodied by a series of failed attempts to reproduce existing research. (See 'The Reproducibility Project' for context). Against this backdrop, it's a prescient time to ask the question: should UX Research be reproducible?

Laura Summers

Laura is a multi-disciplinary designer who works with startups to build meaningful products. Her skillsets extend across the domains of user experience research, user experience design, UI design and front-end development. She's a lateral thinker who thrives on visual problem solving and presenting complex data in an approachable format. Asking questions, unpacking assumptions and trying to get to the bottom of things are some of her favourite activities - supported by methodologies such as Lean, Agile and Design Thinking.

A regular co-host on Byte into It, a computer news, tech talk and chat program on Melbourne's RRR radio, I love getting to chat to my web heroes under the guise of pretending to be a journalist. I'm also a passionate advocate for improving diversity in technology and ensuring our workplaces are welcoming and inclusive.

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