All Web Directions South 2008 slides and podcasts now online

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  • October 31, 2008
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Thanks to a huge effort by Guy, we now have all the slides and podcasts from WDS08 available at the site, which means it is officially “a wrap”.

Please spread the word about these resources: we make them available like this because we believe too much great content comes out of an event for it to be available exclusively to those with the time and money, not to mention the geographical proximity, to be in Sydney Australia in September. Podcasts and slides are obviously not the same as being there as you just don’t get all those a-ha moments that being part of a crowd can provide. But they are an excellent way to refresh your memory about the things you saw and heard, catch all those sessions you missed, and share a bit of the love with your colleagues who couldn’t be there at all. Enjoy!

One thing: some slides and podcasts are missing. We do our best to get just about everything up here at the site, but unfortunately it’s just not always possible to get clearance to use some of the materials delivered at the conference in this way.

One response to “All Web Directions South 2008 slides and podcasts now online”:

    • By: Deaf Web Professional
    • December 1st, 2008

    What about transcripts for podcasts? As a deaf web professional, I don’t have access to auditory information. Can you please provide text versions? I was waiting for text versions for the previous conferences, too. Thanks